I Should Have Been in Rehab

…and other realizations along life’s journey

Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

The work of an artist requires real self examination to remain fresh, authentic and relevant. The rigorous and at times scary training I received as an actor/dancer/singer taught me the technique of taking the inner journey, and subsequent studies in religion, ministry and human services gave me tools for the outward one.

But the in- between time for me, between these two disciplines and worlds AND life of an addicted person who used alcohol and stimulants to keep the demons at bay, and the sober Jane, was kind of rough. I should have been in rehab.

But in the years when I entered the recovery rooms, very few rehabs existed believe it or not! People just toughed it out – detoxing on our own and through folk remedies like replacing the sugar loss of using copious amounts of alcohol with choclate bars (which I loved!), going to a lot of self help meetings, where crying, confusion and anger were all acceptible expressions,  and trying to not shake to death when in public.

I spent those months of early recovery starring in an Off Broadway hit show, doing 8 shows a week and trying not to totally freak out. As i think about it from this vantage point, I have NO CLUE how I made it. I should have been in rehab.

A couple of years ago I wrote the book I wish I had had when I was going through all of that- “The Gateways- the Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality- A Universal Path for Living a Life That Works”  (available wherever books are sold). I learned so much over the years, and after I finally got sober and got into school to study Addictions Recovery Counseling, I learned about the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs and counseling the family of addicted persons and crisis intervention and referral. And I learned too, about trauma, and how most people who become addicted are trying to outrun the effects of some pretty awful stuff that has impacted their brain, their hearts and souls, and have confused loved ones along the way.  And I discovered- after the fact- that I should have been in rehab!!

My book is lush and beautifully illustrated, and shows the healing possibilities at so many levels of the process of finding our way home to our real, undamaged, original selves.  But in the process of trying to figure out who it’s for, I have discovered that some other amazing people are on a similar journey, and that at least in the case of the wonderful Glennon Doyle, whose work I just discovered, our goals for sharing our work are quite similar.

Glennon wants the openness and authenticity and community support and service -oriented living and rigorous self -honesty and counter- cultural miracle of the recovery rooms to be made available to people who may just need a support path for living. And she has developed it into a service oriented miracle and book called “Love Warriors- Truth Tellers/ Hope Spreaders. ”

That’s what I want too! How cool is that?!

I hope you will take a look at “The Gateways”.  You can find it on Amazon. Also, you can find Glennon’s book “Love Warriors”, and her expanded work on Momastery.com.

I am so glad I made it. I almost didn’t. I definitely should have been in rehab. And I hope if I created any chaos in your world while I was rediscovering my own true self,  that you know it was never my intention to do that.

And if I can help in any way as you find your way, you can find me at Janegalloway.com, on Facebook, Instagram and at the swimming pool with my great pool pals every MWF morning in Long Beach, CA.

Peace/ out,


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